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KDHMA Annual Meeting
February 23, 2013

Annual Meeting

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Annual Meeting

February 23, 2013

President, Donald Blake, called the annual meeting of the KDHMA to order at 12:35 p.m. at Montana Mike's Steak House, McPherson, KS with 31 members & 3 guests.
  • Introduction of all members & guests.
  • Special Guest: Dexter Hedrick with the Adopt a Wild Horse or Burro Program. He talked to the association on how the program works & members asked numerous questions & he answered the questions asked about the program.
  • Minutes: The Annual Meeting, Fall Meeting, Executive Meeting and financial reports for the 2012 year and summaries of KDHMA years of 2007-2012 were handed out prior to the meeting for everyone to look at. Also financial report for Jan. 2013-Feb. 19, 2013. President Donald Blake asked if there were any corrections on the minutes & the treasurer's reports. Minutes and financial reports were approved as printed.
  • State Fair Report: Given by Warren Hiskett Warren said there were 153 entries last year. There were new exhibitors. New sponsors for this year. There is no judge yet, still looking for one. If any suggestions or changes to let Warren know.

    The show will start at 12:00 noon on Friday at the State Fair on Sept. 6 and at 9:00 a.m. on Sat. Sept. 7.

  • Website: Julie Bell Working on the site and still making it user friendly.
  • EquiFest: Donald reported on the Equifest booth, several new members & 40 names signed up for the driving clinic on June 8 at ElDorado.
  • Announcements: Bruce Anderson told about the Plow Day at Emporia on June 29. Howard Myers told about the Santa Fe Trail Festival on Sept. 20. Morris Yoder told about Auction Mar. 16. Candice Braksick told about McLouth Parade on April 12. Donald told about Prairie Rose Days on May 3 and also the driving clinic on June 8 and lunch will be furnished.Congratulations to: David & Katie Knepp-Bontrager Harness Shop on their new arrival - Isaah David
  • Old Business: Proposed By-Law changes were read by Dorothy Anderson. Article IV Section 1- voted on and passed Article IV Section 2- voted on and passed Article V- Voted on and passed
  • New Business: Election of officers
  • President:
    Donald Blake and Bruce Anderson were nominated and paper ballots handed out and were counted. Donald Blake was re-elected for another 2 yr. term.
    Vice President:
    Winston Summerfeld nominated Gary Penner and Robert Sutton seconded. Charlotte Blake made a motion to cease nominations and Jan Summerfeld seconded. Gary Penner was voted on and passed. Gary will serve a 2 yr. term.
    Dorothy Anderson and Judy Seibert were nominated and paper ballots handed out and were counted. Dorothy Anderson was re-elected for another 2 yr. term.
    Howard Myers and Bruce Anderson were nominated and paper ballots handed out and were counted. Howard Myers was elected for a 3 yr. term.
    Bruce Anderson nominated Dorothy Anderson for newsletter writer and Charlotte Blake said that Dorothy could not be newsletter writer and Sec./Treas. at the same time according to the by-laws like she had done for 2 terms, so Bruce Anderson resended his nomination. There was discussion of Charlotte Blake continuing to be newsletter writer and Lynn Penner seconded. Charlotte Blake was re-elected for another 2 yr. term.
    Youth Representative:
    No nominations at time of the meeting.

    Lynn Penner made a motion for the association to pay membership dues for the President, Sec./Treas., Newsletter Writer effective for 2013 and Jan Summerfeld seconded. It was voted on and passed.

    Bruce Anderson made a motion to adjourn at 2:00 and Lynn Penner seconded.

  • Auction Followed: Auction proceeds total was $507.00

    Also the association wants to thank those who made donations of auction items.

Respectfully submitted,
Dorothy Anderson, Sec/Treasurer
Red Barn
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